Fix and Foxi goes on tour

The stars of the eponymous TV series are touring through Germany . Under the motto " Wonder World " , department store chains supply about 100 square meters for the indoor event. Every day more than 10,000 contacts provide at least 10 large-scale operations with a total of 100 days of action . In the target group families with children between the ages of 4-10 years can be calculated with a total of approximately 1.4 million contacts.

For Sponsors can be achieved tomorrow directly with this , based on a high experience value action , the target group. During the entire tour is possible as a sponsor , and as an active collaborator in the Fix & Foxi - world of experience to occur. Thus, for example Be the " Sumo Arena " or the " reading tent " provided not only with your logo , but also actively involved in your appearance props such as " Lupo 's Tower " . In addition, display circuit is possible in accompanying media such as tour magazine and flyers.

Perhaps you have your own ideas and want to be happy about it talk to us. If you advance just want more information on the topic , please send us an e - mail: Opens window for sending